Humble beginnings, Glorious ends.

Hello everybody! I missed writing like crazy and I'm so happy to be back. After summer was over, my life became slightly more hectic, and sadly I ignored my writing. However, I am glad to be back doing what I love and I am grateful to all my readers and followers who may be still … Continue reading Humble beginnings, Glorious ends.


The Hero comes home.

Dedicated to our hero. My best regards always. How we long,  you not to be dislodged from us, How we long,  you to remain for eternity. But what good will that bring then? you must, leave us if you will, break the serenity. For although a lonely cage bird sings, It longs to be free … Continue reading The Hero comes home.

Pick me last again!

But what happens when you are not that great looking, or strong, or taller? Which I would like to believe I am not alone here. Has the world and society jeered at you and told you , you're not that great? "Hey shorty! It must suck to be you." But while the whole world was too busy checking themselves out, you were busy chasing down and killing lions and bears.